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First: Planner

 Location: Zhuhai Headquarters Job Description


        1.The market brand creative planning and creative writing program;


        2.Tnline and offline marketing activities planning, implementation and impact assessment;


        3.Product communication programs, promotion and planning 4, other types of project planning, organization and coordination of the basic process.




        1. Bachelor's degree or above, Advertising or related field;


        2. More than three years of work experience, at least one year experience in planning, capable of independent planning Internet activities;


        3.Has a wealth of creative, rigorous logical thinking, unique perspective;


        4. The current network of cutting-edge things have a high sensitivity, familiar with the new media, microblogging marketing, watercress network marketing, microblogging marketing, micro-channel marketing, Baidu bid, Baidu optimization, forum marketing, video marketing, SNS marketing depth the study.


        5. With a deep, solid writing skills and unique expressive writing, good communication skills, strong ability to learn;


        6.It is possible to promote its keen grasp the main points, just the right words to show, such as soft paper writing ability;


        7.There is a strong entrepreneurial spirit, enthusiasm, initiative, with strong communication skills and team spirit.


 Second: Assistant

 Location: Zhuhai Headquarters Responsibilities


        1. Responsible department activity arrangements, organization and planning;


        2.Responsible for department team building activities;


        3. The team's budget management and claims departments daily work;


        4.The department responsible for all kinds of statistical data and sort of work;


        5.Responsible for a number of international exchange programs (written and spoken English is good).




        1. Bachelor's degree or above, have good English reading and writing skills;


        2. More than two years of work experience, good communication skills;


        3.Intelligent, diligent, logical, good affinity.



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